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I’m Defsiarte and I draw sometimes I guess. I’m 17?? Idk how to do introductions


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As a heads up I might not bother with getting the full CM working for 1.0, it needs rethinking/redesigning

May end up just scrapping it tbh

thellere -

I'm getting a little flak for this in my inbox already, so here's the explanation post.

Over the existence of the CM, it has made Waterfall $20. That's $2 a month. Waterfall costs $620 a month to run, and that's not factoring in stuff like paying myself. Considering the number of commissions and messages, that seemed low so I checked. The answer as to WHY it's so low, it turns out, is artists telling people to pay through personal PayPal stuff instead.

By rights, this is a site ban. It's in the TOS, don't try and move payment off site. The problem is, pretty much every artist using the CM is telling people to do it. Many cite the 5% fee as the reason. A few go on a speil about how I'm exploiting artists or whatever (we'll ignore the flip side of that where those artists are exploiting me by using the site as a free listing). This is even after we lowered it from 10%.

I cannot stress how little money Waterfall makes. I am relying on this to survive, and it doesn't even come close to covering my bills. So really saying "I don't want them to have that 25 cents" (actually closert to three cents since we pay your transaction fees) is a pretty big slap in the face. I'm sure I don't need to go into basic economics here and explain how this also, over time, increases the likelihood of the site dying because I can't afford to run it anymore.

So this leaves me in a situation where I'm assuming all the risk of something going wrong, and getting absolutely nothing in return. I hate to break it to you but like. This is a business thing. Waterfall is a commercial venture that, as I said, I am relying on to get me the income eventually to survive on. This is not a charity, and the CM is not intended to be a free listing for you. It's intended to get me a little passive income for assuming some of the risk for you and helping you find clients.

I've put in two years pretty much full time and took on crippling debt to make this happen, all while not charging to use the site like Pillowfort or whatever. So when this is happening, I have to step back and ask myself "Objectively, is the CM worth it? Does the income from it make sense with the fact you'll have to spend time mediating disputes, bugfixing, and liasing with PayPal and Stripe?"

Right now the answer is just a hard no. I'm out of money, so unless there's a sudden massive attitude shift, which I've learnt I can't really count on, the CM just doesn't make sense to finish up.

Hence, it might be scrapped. Will it? I dunno, we all know I'm a fucking idiot and work on stuff that probably won't pay off. But objectively, from a "I literally have a personal net worth of negative five figures right now from how much I've invested into Waterfall" perspective, bothering with it is a really bad idea.

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In the Doorway

ITS OCTOBER!!! Its time to draw images of my horror oc Miss C Red! She's a shapeshifting dream monster with power over nightmares and reality. Here she is coming out of the darkness of a scary doorway. Ooo....

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Aaaay my comic launched yesterday! Its got a Halloween theme too, just in time for spooky month!


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restless ghost

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hand drawings for the open animation weekly challenge for this week

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Tig Thorny

Weekly challenge done for Open Animation. Challenge was to draw your house avatar. I'm in House of Animation which has a red rose as its symbol so naturally my avatar is rose themed. Mixed in ascepts of my sona in there of course. This is like Toon McSpecz: Rose Edition, lmao

[Pic ID: Artwork of a rose creature wizard character name Tig Thorny. They are green skinned with red poofy petal hair and a long rose tipped tail. They are wearing a black leather jacket, black witch hat, and black boots. Their jacket as rose detail patches. In the artwork they are using a tablet pen as a wand with magic similar in appearance to a zoetrope. End ID]

Just my ocs, Mali (any pronouns) and Helix (they/he), drawn somewhere mid/late june. I’ve been working on redesigning their outfits, so you probably won’t see much of them in those clothes anymore. Can’t wait for what future brings with these two :smile emoji:

[Id: a digital artwork of two HiddenCarpet's ocs, Mali and Helix. Mali is a tall brown muscular person with long straight black hair tied up into a ponytail. He's wearing a red crop top with it's sleeves destroyed to the base, a blue vest, some grayish blue trousers, a red belt made of farbric, and yellow brancelets. Helix is a fat brown person with long brown curvy hair tied into a low ponytail and sideburns. They are wearing a long navy blue cape with big pink strips and light blue dashes. They also wear an sleeveless orange shirt and brown trousers. They are both standing, with Mali's back turned to the viewer and Helix him tightly around his back. Helix presses their nose against Mali's shoulder, their face is tired. Mali's hands hang loose to the ground, still. The cape floats around with the wind. Background is yellow transitioning to hot pink around characters' heads. End ID]

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June Again

some art of my oc June again.

[ID: Artwork of a 35 fat black goth named June. They are depicted in three head shots and one full body pose. The two right headshots show them smiling and their profile. The middle full body post has them shrugging and smirking. The last headshot to the right has them squinting in confusion. June's attire consists of mostly black sweaters and goth jewelry. They wear round black shades and their black hair is up in a messy bun. Their lips are painted with black lipstick. End ID.]

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sometimes you change up your style, just for funsies

They're lesbians, Harold.

gloria, will you just decide?
gloria, there’s easier ways to die
gloria, have you had enough?

- gloria (the lumineers)

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the inner machinations of my mind are an enigma

yes thats a spongebob quote

5 Minute Artist Meme

yeah did that thing too

Zipporah and Ascent

art done for my buddy @nightsprout of their character ascent and our other friend's character Zipporah

[ID: Artwork of a forest scene with two characters enjoying their time with each other. One named Zipporah has brown skin and wears beige clothing resembling an barn owl. The other called Ascent is also brown and wears a red coat with yellow bow. They have have a void on the top of their forest green haired head. There is a tiny yellow bird on Zipporah's head. End ID]

belén outfit stuff

drew belén in some oufits


Belén (they/them) is like currently my favortite oc tbh.

Some cheebs of some of my characters!

A tiny kitchen with a little cake prep!

gonna make this blog into a personal AND art account

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Penny Parker

[Pic ID: Artwork of Penny Parker aka twitch streamer and video content creator SnapCube. She's smiling towards the viewer. She's wearing black torn leggings underneath a long pink shirt with a black belt and faint cube pattern. She has a black beanie and pink bow on her brown hair. Her shoes are light pink sneakers. End ID.]

Art for that friend and gamer girl Penny Parker.

I'm doing ArtFight this year on team spice! I don't think I'll be super active, but I'll try to return any attacks I'm given.